The New Bei City (New Taipei City) Wanjinshi Marathon started in 2003 as the Jinshan Marathon, with around 4,000 runners participating in the local event, but after 12 years the Marathon has emerged as an international one. Since 2004, the course of the event expanded to include both the Jinshan and Shimen municipal districts, so the name of the event was changed to the Jinshi Marathon. Later, to reduce the events impact on local residents through traffic controls, from 2006 the starting and ending points were relocated to the Wan Li District’s Pacific Jade Bay (Taipingyang Feuicuiwan). After five years, in 2009 the event planning expanded to include the Wanli, Jinshan, and Shimen Districts, so the municipal names were abbreviated to form the new name of the Shiwanjin Marathon.

From 2010, the route of the Marathon began at Wanli’s Taipingyang Feicuiwan Pacific Jade Bay, then proceeded through Jinshan to Shimen Junior High School, and the name was changed to the Wanjinshi Marathon. As a result of the event’s coverage in terms of administrative districts and the route and name of the Marathon, the successful conduct of the event over the years has resulted in the creation of the “Competition Brand” concept.

As more people participate in the Marathon, the competition has grown to the point where in 2011 there were over 3,000 more registered participants, for a total of over 9,000 runners. In 2012, the 10,000 runner mark was surpassed, reaching the limits of the event’s capacity. This evinced the fact that the Marathon had emerged as a mature competition, and registration for the event was filled within a short time after opening to register. To use the popular phrase among today’s youth the event is “Hundo P”, so the competition to register for the Marathon was fierce.

In 2013, after the 11th annual competition was successfully held, experts proposed that the Wanjinshi Marathon was the only marathon in Taiwan which could qualify for international accreditation, so at the 118th City Council Meeting for New Taipei City, Mayor Li-Lun Chu announced that the Wanjinshi Marathon would seek international accreditation. The New Taipei City Government’s Sports Department would study the application process for international accreditation, in the hope of achieving Bronze Certification status.

In 2014, the Chinese Taipei Athletics Association formally applied to the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) for international Bronze certification, and in October of the same year the IAAF announced their approval for the New Taipei City Wanjinshi Marathon as our first and only domestic athletic competition with international accreditation. This recognition has not only evinced New Taipei City’s status as host of world class sporting events, but also promotes this renowned internationally accredited marathon, as a must attend world class event, providing New Taipei City with a place on the map of the international athletic scene. During that year’s marathon, to increase international visibility for the event, the Wanli, Jinshi and Shimen Borough Councils organized thousands of persons as Cheerleading Squads to line the event route beginning from early in the pre-dawn hours in commemorative attire with presences at all the famous heritage sites throughout the route such as Wanli Hsieh, Nu Wang Tou, Jinshan Hot Springs and the Shimen Kite Festival. There were also large drum performances and electronic versions of traditional Taiwanese customs such as the San Tai Zi. Even though it was a cold morning, these volunteers showed their warm hearted spirit for all the athletes and the public cheering them on along the route. Now the competition was overcome the inconveniences imposed traffic controls, eliciting a strong and supportive consensus among local residents, and emerging as an event all the residents of the North Coast of Taiwan look forward to every year.

In 2015, for the first time the Marathon had been conducted since achieving International Bronze Certification, in light of the cool and rainy weather prevailing in March along the Northern Taiwan Coast, the original annual date for the event on the first Sunday of March was changed to the fourth Sunday in March. That year the event witnessed participation of 12,000 marathoners, with many world class athletes among them. So the event organizers developed a homestay experience program for the international participants to enjoy as part of their running in the Wanjinshi Marathon. Arrangements were made for two day and three night homestays with volunteer families affording the athletes with excellent vistas and experiences of the local fish port culture, heritage sites and traditional architecture, as well as a visit to the Jinshanbayan community. This meant the Marathon had evolved from a solely athletic event, into an opportunity to enjoy the authentic Taiwan experience.

The 2017 New Taipei City Wanjinshi Marathon is scheduled to begin at 6:30am on March 19, 2017, with the starting points at Wanli’s Taipingyang Feicuiwan, the Pacific Jade Bay. In 2017 the Wanjinshi event will be pervasively branded #onlyWAN, as a one of kind Wan(Jinshi) competition, Taiwan’s only IAAF accredited Marathon and one of the world’s most stunningly beautiful events, amidst the vistas of the sea meeting the mountains along Taiwan’s Venetian-like coast, which are sure to please the eyes.

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